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Preparing for your trip to Germany

Having previously hosted conferences in Frankfurt am Main, are glad to provide you with any assistance you need. We hope you find the following basic information useful and look forward to your inquiries about further details.

Traveling to Frankfurt

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is one of the largest airports in Europe, offering flight connections to all parts of the world.
The conference location can be reached easily from the airport by public transportation. Please contact us for detailed information.

Staying in Frankfurt

We are happy to provide a list of hotel or hostel accommodations arranged by price level.

Visa Regulations

Nationals from some countries require a visa to enter Germany. Once a paper is accepted for the conference, we will provide the appropriate letter of invitation.

Frankfurt am Main and nearby countryside


Frankfurt am Main  -  The City

Frankfurt am Main offers a wide variety of both historical and modern sights. During your visit to Frankfurt you may enjoy a walk around the historical buildings near Roemerberg and a visit to the Kaiserdom, which is the place where emperors were crowned during the Middle Ages. You may also visit Paulskirche, which is where the first freely elected German parliament convened in 1848 following the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states.

The city's historical sights are often complemented with a view of Frankfurt's modern skyline.

Frankfurt offers plenty of opportunities for shopping. The most famous shopping center in Frankfurt is called "Zeil" and is located within the city center.

The riverside of the Main River is a good place to go running in Frankfurt.

If you are interested in museums, Frankfurt has a lot to offer, ranging from the German Architecture Museum to the Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum of World Cultures, the Museum of Communications, and the Senkenberg Museum of Natural History, among many others.

Interested in the local cuisine? We suggest you try Frankfurter Gruene Sosse (Frankfurt Green Sauce), which is made of seven fresh herbs and is typically served cold with boiled potatoes and other deicious items such as Frankfurter Schnitzel. The city is also known for its apple wine or cider ("Apfelwein" in German, or "Ebblwoi" as the locals call it).


The Region around Frankfurt am Main

Do you enjoy nature, beautiful landscapes, old castles, and small villages? We can recommend a trip to the Rhine River, especially the river segment between Wiesbaden and Koblenz. There are many companies that organize day trips to the Rhine River (ask at the reception of your hotel). Or you might be interested in renting a car to go to that region for a short vacation. The small town of Ruedesheim is picturesque with its small alleys, and it is nicely located below vineyards (by the way, there are many amazing hiking trails through those vineyards, offering stunning views of the Rhine River Valley).

You might also want to visit Wiesbaden, which can be conveniently reached from Frankfurt am Main by public transportation. Wiesbaden is known for its world-class casino, where Russian author Fjodor Dostojewski already gambled and where he was inspired to write his famous novel "The Gambler". Wiesbaden was also one of the favorite towns of Kaiser Wilhelm, the last German emperor and King of Prussia.

Historical buidlings in Frankfurt

Paulskirche (left) and skyline of Frankfurt

Rhine River near Burg Katz and Loreley